Ambrosoli's story

The company’s beginnings are strongly linked to the story of its founder, Giovanni Battista Ambrosoli, whose  distinctive personality combined with extensive life experience defined the organisation’s initial development.

Giovanni Battista Ambrosoli was born in Como in 1882. After graduating in Industrial Chemistry at the Technical Institute of Winterthur Switzerland and working for many years in the chemical sector in the Swiss-German canton, he returned toItalyin 1906. He moved to Ronago (Como) to take charge of his grandmother’s agricultural business, which was left without a leader. During these busy times he maintained a strong interest in chemistry, while by chance developing a passion for beekeeping. “I became a beekeeper because I was a honey consumer,” he said.

In a few years he developed a modern beekeeping activity and started confectioning honey while paying particular attention to the quality of the product. His main goal was to sell in stores a product that met the consumers' expectations and he successfully established trust in the brand’s name, earning a positive reputation for the company.

G.B. Ambrosoli was formally founded in 1923 when it joined the Chamber of Commerce inComo. The new product rapidly grew in popularity, in part thanks to the use of radio publicity, a recent invention that allowed the general public to become aware of the value and benefits of honey.

In line with this activity in the year 1930 Mr Ambrosoli started the production of sweets and, at the same time, used the wax produced by the bees to create Amber Wax for floor and furniture polishing.

In the years following 1930 the company's development grew further, partly due to the great help provided by Mr Ambrosoli’s son, Costantino, who had been working for nearly a year in theUnited States. These were years characterised by high productivity levels, with the introduction of machinery to produce the sweets and the launch of targeted promotional campaigns to bring the products to market.

After the war, the company saw a further increase in its sales activity both nationally and internationally for its honey and sweets.