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HONEY AND SPORTS: The combination that rhymes with performance

Honey, considered by our ancestors “the food of the Gods“, is the only sweet substance that draws all its characteristics from nature without undergoing any manipulation by man before reaching our table. Honey is made up almost exclusively of sugars, of which a high concentration of fructose that manages to provide the body with readily available and harmless calories.Fructose, unlike …

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HONEY: when beekeeping respects bees and humens

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  • 29 July 2021

Honey is the product obtained from the transformation, carried out by bees, of the secretions of flowers (nectar) and of the secretions of some insects (honeydew). Stored by the bees in the cells of the honeycombs, the honey is extracted by centrifugation, left to settle in special containers and then packaged. According to Italian law, honey cannot be added whatsoever …

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Soft Honey Cake

We offer you a simple but tasty honey cake. A dessert suitable both for breakfast over a nice cup of steaming milk, as well as for an afternoon tea or for a genuine snack for children. It takes just a few minutes of preparation and simple ingredients to make a healthy and balanced cake that keeps very well and remains …

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