For over a century, Ambrosoli has rigorously selected its producers who, to become such, must pass several steps of knowledge and trust and this process can last for years.

The raw materials of our products are obtained with respect for the environment and biodiversity, in the awareness of the fundamental role played by beekeeping in the ecosystem.

They are transformed with protective technologies for the organoleptic and nutritional integrity of the products; the search for innovative paths for the dissemination and enhancement of honey and other beehive products is constant.

The company subjects the raw materials to strict analysis controls using, in addition to its internal laboratory, also external independent laboratories, in order to guarantee, through rigorous studies, the total absence of antibiotics, pesticides and adulterations for an absolute quality of its products. .

If the analysis does not meet our quality parameters, the honey does not go into production, or it is returned to the supplier if there is a parameter out of range.

The quality of our honey, together with the health and satisfaction of our consumers, has always been the cornerstone of our company philosophy.

This is how we started and it is the same way that we look to the future.

ISO 22000

With ISO 22000 certification, companies have the ability to:

  • Plan, implement, make operational, maintain and update a food safety management system focused on obtaining products that, according to their intended use, are safe for the consumer;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements for food safety;
  • Evaluate and define the customer’s requirements and demonstrate compliance with those mutually agreed requirements regarding food safety, in order to increase customer satisfaction;
  • Organize and finalize communication with its commercial partners towards food safety; optimize internal resources and along the supply chain; effectively communicate aspects of food quality to suppliers, customers and relevant stakeholders in the food supply chain.