Who we are


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The passion for beekeeping has always inspired us and the production of honey with respect of our traditions is one of the cornerstones of our company.

Ambrosoli is recognized as a leading company in the production of honey.

Today’s goal is that of a century ago: constant and meticulous work in favor of quality, research and experimentation with new beekeeping techniques, the dissemination of the culture and tradition of the territories in which the company interprets. .

We supervise the entire production cycle and rigorously select our suppliers who, to become such, must pass several steps of knowledge and trust, the process of which can take even years.

The direct relationship with our producers, the historical bond with our employees, who have now become a large family with whom we share enthusiasm and choices, characterize the management of the company and our relationship with the national and international market.


Our philosophy of pleasure

Since honey production in Italy is limited, we rely – as well as Italian producers – also on producers coming from some of the purest areas in the world, such as the unspoiled plains of Argentina and the most remote prairies of Hungary, Poland and Moldova. Sparsely populated areas, with clean air, and whose honey stands out for its exceptional nature.

Honey is an incredible food because it is naturally perfect.

This is why our honey is made as it once was, with the only difference being that it is packaged with modern techniques.

We must neither add nor take anything away from honey: this is our creed and it will be like this forever.

At the base of each product, in addition to rigorous quality controls, there is the commitment to understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of the consumer, innovating the range of products to create unique specialties that are imprinted in memories.